Guernsey’s International Capital Flows

KPMG were engaged by the States of Guernsey to research and analyse the economic benefits the Guernsey funds industry provides to the UK and Europe.

Guernsey’s International Capital Flows report was compiled after extensive quantitative and qualitative research and demonstrates the Island's expertise as a funds centre and a facilitator of global investment into the UK, Europe and other economies.

The report highlights the benefits deriving from the funds industry, including:

Guernsey funds promote significant inward investment into the UK
More than £34bn with £25bn from overseas investors. The majority of capital is invested into long-term tangible assets including private equity, infrastructure and property.

The UK generates substantial investment management fees from Guernsey funds
It is estimated that the UK earns more than £1bn in investment management fees from Guernsey funds, representing 9% of total UK investment management fees.

Guernsey assists UK investors with portfolio diversification through access to global investments
73% of UK investors investment into Guernsey funds is deployed outside the UK.

Guernsey funds promote significant inward investment into Europe
More than £105bn of assets are deployed in Europe with £71bn in Continental Europe (excluding UK).

Europe generates substantial investment management fees from Guernsey funds
European investment managements earn 90% of the total investment management fees generated by Guernsey domiciled funds.

For further information click on the attached summary version of the report.

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