Competitive and eventful racing for Race 4 of Heritage Frostbite Series

Ideal sailing conditions were experienced by the 16 yachts who took part in the RCIYC Heritage Frostbite Series race 4 last weekend.


The North West force three winds gave the yachts a gentle beat to the Refee mark, rounding to starboard, before fetching to the North end of Jethou.

Kaya, the J122 lead the racing fleet home, but in close pursuit was the Melges 24, White Rabbit. During the long downward legs White Rabbit was able to plane and as a result, took first place on corrected time. Vamoosh (Rupert Dorey) put in another good performance to take second place, with Fandangle, the J97, placing third.

In the cruiser class, Enigma, was the leading yacht, but conceded this lead to Busker for the fetch back to Refee. At the rear of the cruiser class  Dark Horse was forced to anchor on the East side of Jethou due to rudder damage, and she was assisted by another competitor, Glenfruin, who immediately retired from the race to stand by and assist until a local Aquastar motor yacht secured a tow to enable Dark Horse to return to the QE2.

Busker was first home, followed seconds behind by Tomahawk with Enigma just astern. After handicaps were applied it was Alectrona who won on corrected time from Busker and Pathalassa.

The fourth race of the Series takes place on 28 February, start time 12:30.

Race results:

Racing class:

1. White Rabbit, S. Henning
2. Vamoosh, R. Dorey
3. Fandangle, M. Priest 

Cruiser class:

1. Alectrona, M. Knowles
2. Busker, McKerrell/Parkin
3. Panthalassa, I Le Maitre.

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